On Diversity

Just a few years ago, I would not have been able to articulate why organizational diversity matters. (I know that for a fact, because I once offered a barely adequate, fumbling answer during an interview. Despite somehow getting the job, I remained largely clueless for some time.) Times change, I’ve learned some things, and now … Continue reading On Diversity

Wardley Mapping, A PowerPoint Template

One particularly coherent approach to “strategy” involves using a map to pursue increased situational awareness from which to execute various forms of gameplay. This technique is known as Wardley Mapping, and I highly recommend reading through An Introduction to Wardley (Value Chain) Mapping and watching Simon Wardley’s 2014 OSCON keynote. I’ve been learning about and … Continue reading Wardley Mapping, A PowerPoint Template

Cutting Costs. Or, How to Pretend Complex is Simple.

Suppose a company discovers that its projected revenue is below original expectations for reasons outside of its direct control. The bottom-line numbers are going to look bad, so something must be done immediately. Cost-cutting measures will be explored, and when every budget has been squeezed and nothing else remains, the company will cut people. The … Continue reading Cutting Costs. Or, How to Pretend Complex is Simple.

Visual WIP

I have been searching for a temporary work visualization method to adequately convey both how a given process works and the WIP (Work In Progress) within it at any given moment. With eventual improvement set as a goal for the former, a prerequisite for any productive discussion is a common understanding from which to work. … Continue reading Visual WIP